Innovative, expert solutions

We work with our partners to tailor sites to each project’s needs, creating inspiring environments. As a limited company, we are able to work to optimise stakeholders’ returns whilst mitigating risk.

We can manage the whole development process from beginning to end, from site identification, feasibility and purchase through design to delivery. We manage the purchase, S106 marketing methods plans and handover of the homes. We also support buyers in the post occupancy maintenance and management of their homes.

HA7 Tintagel Drive

Mix has secured the Tintagel Drive site from Harrow Council. The light and airy homes will sit on a disused carpark and are designed to neatly fit in the restricted site area. It will deliver three, 3-bed terraced homes that are highly adaptable and sustainable. The layouts will be completed in accordance with buyers’ requirements. A large secure lightwell to the rear provides cross ventilation whilst preventing overlooking. The upper-level features an expansive living and dining room with a discrete kitchen and family room.
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W4 Chiswick High Road

Mix has secured the Chiswick High Road site from the GLA’s Small Sites Programme. It will deliver 28 homes, 14 of which will be intermediate affordable sold at various fixed discounts to the open market, with no rent on the portion not bought. One home will be sold at a discount of 60%, affordable to someone on a Tier 1 salary (below £25,000) and two at 40%, affordable to someone on a Tier 2 salary (below £35,000). The rest will be sold with a minimum of discount of 20%.

HA3 56 homes, 39 intermediate affordable and 17 open market

SW18 32 homes, 20 intermediate affordable and 12 open market

E9 22 homes, 14 intermediate affordable and 8 open market, plus 480m2 commercial space

SE8 13 homes, 10 intermediate affordable and 3 open market

Mix’s developments are characterized by their innovative housing model, and expert delivery.