Learning from the late architect, Renée Gailhoustet

Such an interesting evening learning about Gailhoustet’s work and the barriers she had to overcome to deliver her complex vision of affordable housing. Nichola Barrington-Leach’s six-week residency in Paris provided an in-depth analysis of Gailhoustet’s ambitious projects.


It was accompanied by two very interesting presentations;


Alison Crawshaw’s work to repurpose redundant carparking on the Havelock Estate commissioned by the GLA, LB Ealing and Catalyst Housing shows that through dialog and consultation, new life and delight can be brought to these unloved spaces.


Gilles Delalex’s minimal structural solutions show how dense urban development can react to the environment and adaptable needs of residents.

https://www.royalacademy.org.uk/page/renee-gailhoustet-residency http://alisoncrawshaw.com/projects/open-havelock https://www.studiomuoto.com/en/edison