Tomorrow’s homes

It is good to see that the construction industry is straining at the bit to begin the huge task of building the homes we need. Before we hit the go button, we should take a moment and envisage what kind of world we should be building.

Do we keep doing what we always have? Or do we take a more long term view and ask how would people like to live?

There has been much talk about people wanting more secure housing.  Homes that can facilitate a work space that does not intrude on the rest of the home. A place where we can store our bicycles as well all the things we bring along with us during our lives.

A place where people can perhaps find some outdoor space to exercise, grow some plants, relax and in good times, invite friends around to enjoy. Places that can accommodate all our social interactions, be they with neighbours or friends.

This kind of home cannot be the preserve of the suburbs. We need to develop homes in towns and city centres that can offer all this too.

These homes must support our lifestyles without costing a fortune to run.

Our homes should sustain our needs today and also those we can only imagine.

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