Homes for all heros

As housing providers we must support all of our essential workers for the heroic work they are doing not just in this crisis but at all times. It should be more than a thank you, it should be something that is done as a matter of course, today, tomorrow and onwards.

We need to provide them with a range of housing options to suit their needs, whether that is living in the suburbs or inner London, be it affordable rents or homes to buy – the affordability of which needs to be linked to their various income levels.

If there has ever been a time to review how we have been delivering homes and correct the imbalance, then now is the ideal opportunity. The Government must go beyond the standard routes to satisfy the housing need, and engage directly with all parties who are willing to work towards this objective, including affordable housing SMEs who are capable of delivering good quality, sustainable homes.

We cannot wait until this is all over, we must act now with a fresh start and deliver the homes that lower paid workers need.

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