Life beyond lockdown

If it was tough for the under-35s to get secure housing before this pandemic, just how hard will be it for them afterwards? They will be the ones paying back the economy for years to come. We must change housing policy now to ensure they have a fairer future.

Younger people are on the frontline of this crisis but they can see their prospects at best being checked, or at worst, evaporating the longer the lockdown lasts.

Demand for homes is so great, particularly in cities like London, that home ownership will remain a dream for younger people.

If we are asking them to become the backbone of the economy we must give them housing and economic opportunities. We need to review homes provision from policy to planning to implementation.

Housing is largely geared towards the open market at one end and social rent at the other with little affordable intermediate inbetween. We need to create more of this middle ground to allow younger people to own a home – affordable according to their income profiles.

We at Mix want to help create a more level playing field to give people a future. Everybody needs to be working on this now to ensure that when we come out the other side, we can repay our debt to this generation.

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