National Housing Federation response – meeting housing needs

New figures from the National Housing Federation show 3.6 million people in England are living in overcrowded homes. A further 2.5 million are caught in housing they can’t move out of – including house-shares, adults living with their parents, or people living with an ex.

Rates of home ownership among the under-35s are at less than half the levels of 20 years ago. In London 2.1 million people are in need of a home.

Of the new homes that are being delivered, people on low to moderate incomes are the least catered for.

Intermediate housing needs to be affordable to people on a range of incomes, not just those fortunate enough to afford the high costs of Share Ownership housing.

Mix Developments provides homes for those people who are identified by the research and in real need.

Our fixed shared equity homes fill a need in the housing market that is overlooked by the current housing targets. Mix devised a multi-tiered ownership model whereby people on a range of incomes can own a home of their own.

There is a lot more that must be done and the task should not be shied away from. Land should be made available on condition that housing is prioritising need not greed.


National Housing Federation

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