Housing Options for All

The 06 June 2019 edition of “Savills ProgrammE and Cost Sentiment Survey” shows that construction costs are still very high (and unlikely to go down following Brexit) and sales values for homes are viewed with ever increasing caution. If consequentially land values in London do not come down, we will continue to see a squeeze on the quantity and range of affordable housing being delivered. The Toolkit is still being used in planning as a mechanism to reduce affordable housing, rather than reduce land values.

The pressure to maximise land values is driving the industry to its lowest denominator, further marginalising people on lower incomes, and thus increasing pressure on affordable housing supplies. There needs to be a correction in expectation and an objective view taken across the industry if housing targets are to be met for all, not just the few on either end of the housing spectrum.

It is worth bearing in mind that the voices of the Millennials are growing as they get older and vote in greater numbers. They have been marginalised with lower incomes, access to higher education (via costs) and housing – their call for opportunity and equality should not be ignored.

Savills ProgrammE and Cost Sentiment Survey