Prime Minister’s announcement on removing the Local Authority funding cap

Mix Developments welcomes the PM’s announcement on removing the borrowing cap for Local Authorities for their new affordable housing delivery programs. But will this be enough to fix the housing crisis?

To really redress the availability and affordability of homes, we need direct action from statutory bodies to engage with SME affordable housing entities, to provide land and development opportunities.

Without these SMEs, such as Mix – the UK’s diverse housing needs will not be met and people currently excluded from housing market, particularly the 24-35 year olds, will remain so.

Costs of delivery and sustainable business models are important, and the capital outlay of things such as planning permission need to be dramatically reduced so that risks can be managed and output increased. An open book policy of financing and evaluating housing need, targets and land value are critical if this process is to be successful.

That is asking a lot of the housing providers and of the statutory bodies, but we believe it is essential and achievable.