homes for Londoners

Mix homes for Londoners

Mix is an affordable housing provider, helping singles, couples and families own a home of their own.

We aim to help people who are priced out of the London open market and who do not want to keep on renting.

We have created a new housing model.

We offer a new model of intermediate affordable housing in London. Our integrated housing mix is dominated by homes sold at a range of discounts to people priced out of the open market, on condition they are;

  • Working Londoners
  • On moderate to low incomes, and
  • Homes remain affordable so that onward buyers benefit from the discounts.

Each development is a flexible blend of discounted homes with a minority of open market housing to help offset costs and integrate communities. Typically the discount bands we sell at are around 20-30%, 40-50% and 60-70% of the local market – so at the higher discount level, homes can be sold for around £100,000. This means that people on incomes as low as £25-30,000 can afford to own a home, paying a mortgage lower than most affordable rents in London. We do not charge rent on the part not purchased to lessen the burden on buyers. What we do insist on is that there is no staircasing or buy-to-let and that when they come to sell, the onward buyer is on a similar income.

Every scheme is tailored to the needs of each site and its stakeholders – our flexible delivery model ensures each development is an optimised, well-designed place to live.

Our developments provide inspiring places for people to live, meet and interact. We believe in sustainable, creative solutions that enhance lives.